The winter season is a time when you want your car battery to work as it should so that you have heat in your car and so that you can de-ice your windshield. Unfortunately, cold temperatures can impact your battery by draining the power, especially if the part was weak before the season started.

There is liquid inside your battery, and when temperatures are freezing or below, then this liquid could get cold enough so that it doesn't circulate properly in the battery. As the temperatures get colder, the liquid can freeze before expanding when temperatures rise, damaging internal components in the battery. Rick Roush Honda can replace the battery so that you're not left stranded in Medina.

Condensation can build on the posts on top of the battery. This condensation can freeze and prevent a proper connection between the cables and the battery itself. You might notice sporadic issues with starting your car or the lights dimming if this is the issue.


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