The 2020 Honda Civic has features you might not expect, and a desire to be the top vehicle on the road at the same time. The tiniest things make the difference in this battle, and one of those tiny things is the decklid spoiler. It is a small design feature that makes for more sleek aerodynamics on your Civic. The people who designed this car wanted to include everything they possibly could to make it as desirable as possible.

Another amazing feature of the Honda Civic is that it now has door visors. This actually allows you to roll down the window and get some fresh air even when it is raining outside. You don’t have to get soaked just to enjoy some nice wind. People appreciate this particularly if they live in an area that is accustomed to a large amount of rain annually. The small touches like these are what puts the 2020 Honda Civic into a category all its own.


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