Salt Corrosion - How to Protect Your Car

Every member of our team at Rick Roush Honda want you to be able to provide your vehicle with the best possible care, and that includes protecting it from the damage that salt can do to your vehicle. Salt is a necessity in the winter because it’s used to make the winter roads safer to drive. However, don’t let it wreck your vehicle.

Always wash your vehicle after driving through snow or rain. Even in good weather, your car should be washed every week or so, and it should be waxed at least every six months. Also, wax it prior to the start of winter. Avoid parking your vehicle in large water puddles or in heavy snow. Wash the car during the day when it’s warmer outside.

If you still have questions on how to protect your vehicle from salt, come to our dealership in Medina and take a test drive in the vehicle of your choice.


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