Winter Car Care: A Couple Of Things To Do In The Winter

Winter car care is a whole different animal compared to care during the rest of the year. It is important to make sure to follow some simple steps to stay safe and get the most from your driving experience.

Keep Fuel In The Vehicle - No matter what, you need to have at least half a tank of fuel in the vehicle at all times. This is just in case you end up in a place where you are stuck in the snow or ice.

Winter Tires Are Recommended - There are winter tires that one should put on to get better grip during those winter months. It is important to switch them over as the weather changes over as well.

Protect Windshield Wipers - Windshield wipers should be put in an upright position to keep them from getting frozen to the vehicle. Then and only then can you rest assured that they won't get damaged.


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