What is the Story about Tire Pressure?

A "little bit" of air in your tires isn't enough. And putting too much air in the tires won't improve them. Review your owner's manual to determine the right amount of tire pressure necessary. Otherwise, you'll discover serious problems emerging.

When tire pressure is too low, the tires wear out a lot quicker. The treads can't handle the extra wear and friction. Underinflated tires don't maintain decent traction and come with blowout risks. In short, driving with too little air is dangerous.

Overinflated tires also present a risk for blowouts. And both over and underinflated tires harm your fuel economy. Using a simple tire gauge tells you if you need more air or let a little out. Air pumps at gas stations often come with built-in gauges worth using. Or, have a professional check them out.

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