Don't Become The Next Victim of Car Theft

At Rick Roush Honda, we love cars. And we know just how important your car is to you. That is why we don't want you to become the next victim of car theft. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 770,000 people have their cars stolen from them every year. Many professional thieves steel cars for their parts, and others steel cars just to take a joy ride. Either way, falling victim to vehicle theft can be scary and expensive. To protect yourself and your car, follow these theft prevention rules:
  • Try to avoid driving in areas with high crime rates if at all possible.
  • Always park in well-lit areas where it would be difficult for thieves to conceal their activities.
  • Install some type of anti-theft system on your vehicle.
  • Be especially aware of your surroundings in parking lots. parking garages, and gas stations as this is where many car thefts occur.
  • Don't forget to lock your car doors and take your keys with you anytime you exit your vehicle.


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