A Quick Look at the Newest Segment in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry today, consumers have a lot of options. The days of choosing between a car or truck are gone, and now you could also buy an SUV, minivan, or crossover. They all have their advantages, but the crossover is the new kid on the block, and you might not know very much about it. Many people are choosing the crossover, and at Rick Roush Honda, we want you to know about this relatively new option, so here's why some people prefer the crossover.

First of all, the crossover is built like a car and is often slightly smaller than many SUVs and most trucks. This is part of the reason that many of them get better gas mileage.

There are also many people who want the cargo space that a minivan gives, but they don't the boxy design of a minivan. Crossovers have a sleeker design, but many still have third-row seating.



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