Keep Safe When Motoring in Rain: How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Every year in Medina, people from all walks of life end up in accidents primarily caused by hydroplaning. The reality is that there are some helpful tactics that you can employ that work to lower the risk of dangerous hydroplaning when motoring in inclement weather.

Properly maintaining your vehicle is crucial to avoiding hydroplaning. This includes keeping your tires properly inflated. You need to rotate your tires as needed. You need to replace worn tires in a timely manner.

You can also lessen the odds of hydroplaning by lowering your speed in bad weather. You need to avoid making sharp or sudden turns. Do not brake hard.

More information on motoring safely in bad weather can be obtained from the team of experienced professionals at Rick Roush Honda. The team members can answer any questions you might have about preventing hydroplaning.



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