Strategic Ways to Maximize Space at a Tailgating Location

Most tailgating spots are crowded throughout a sporting event. If you want to take advantage of the available real estate around your tailgating vehicle in a busy parking lot, you'll need to follow a few simple steps.

When you arrive at the tailgating site, consider making a custom cooler instead of hauling a standard cooler to the event. You can build a disposable cooler out of an old beer case. To construct it, line the sides and bottom on the beer case with two heavy-duty garbage bags. The dual layers will create a barrier that will prevent leaking after the ice melts. Another benefit is that the lining makes the cleanup process easier. If you need extra space for serving drinks, convert your truck bed into a compact bar. To protect every beverage in a glass bottle, set up the bar shelves on the truck bed after your vehicle is parked.

In order to haul shelves and cases of beverages to a stadium, you'll need a powerful truck with an efficient engine. If your truck isn't in optimum condition, you can get a tune-up at Rick Roush Honda.



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