Leaking Exhaust? More likely than you think!

The weather here in Medina can be unpredictable, and the fluctuating temperatures can play havoc on your vehicle in ways you may not expect. Sure, you know the signs that something is wrong, but you may not know exactly what the problem may be.

At Rick Roush Honda, we think a little automotive knowledge on your part can help your service provider solve your problem faster. Today, let’s look at some signs that your exhaust may be leaking.
• Small Leaks – do you see small leaks appearing beneath your vehicle, more than condensation can account for?
• Hissing Noises – Loose seals can result in gases escaping, or air getting in, which causes all manner of noises.
• Vibration – As your exhaust system is loosened by thermal expansion, it can begin to rattle and vibrate.
• Gas Mileage Loss – Your performance will drop, which will in turn result in poor mileage.

These problems can become far more severe over time, so visit us today for a checkup, and hit the road with confidence.



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