Wash Your Car, But When?

We here at Rick Roush Honda encourage you to get your car washed at least once per week or twice per month at most. It can be hard to make time to do so, but here are the reasons why you should.

The Case for Weekly Washes

Weekly washes clear away the debris your car picks up daily. If you commute daily and park your car in the open, your car picks up dust, pollen, bug guts, airborne pollutants and salt. It also occasionally collects tree sap and bird droppings.

All of these things can corrode your car's paint, finish and undercarriage. Corrosion diminishes performance, perceived value, actual value and can lead to costly repairs.

The Case for Twice Monthly Washes

If you can't swing weekly washes, shoot for washes every other week. If you live in a mild climate and/or you park your car in a closed garage, you should be fine with twice monthly washes. Any wash is better then none at all, but frequent washes are always best for preserving your vehicle's finish, paint and overall performance.



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