How to Avoid Serious Trouble While Towing

Towing is much more complicated than loading something on a trailer, you'll need to go through this simple checklist to eliminate serious trouble on the highways.

Keep a tire pressure gauge handy so you can check the tire pressure in the trailer tires before the load in on board and after, then make sure there are no changes before heading out.

After the wire harness is connected, have another person stand behind the trailer and make certain the brake lights, the parking lights, and the turn signals, are all operating as they should.

Balance the load on the trailer before moving. Secure the load once you feel the weight has been adequately distributed.

If the side mirrors don't allow you to see around the load, apply small blind-spot mirrors over the mirror to help increase your line of vision.

Keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle before towing by bringing it to Rick Roush Honda for regular service.



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