How to Debadge Your Car

More and more consumers are trying to customize their vehicle to truly make it their own. Unfortunately, misinformation is causing many car owners to damage their cars in the process. This is why we here at Rick Roush Honda of Medina want to teach you the basics of debadging your car.

​Badges are usually stuck on a car or truck with heavy duty glue to indicate the brand and trim of the vehicle. One of the easiest ways to remove the adhesive is to pour hot water over it or use a hair dryer to loosen it. This process may take a few iterations but eventually you will be able to remove the badge from the car. If you would like a trained professional to debadge your car or are looking to have any other kind of service performed on your vehicle, then be sure to either give us a call to set up an appointment or stop on by the next time you're in the area at Rick Roush Honda located in Medina.



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