The Compact and the Full-Size Spare

When you are out driving the streets of Medina, one of the worst driving experiences that you can have is to have a flat tire. You will need a good spare tire to get back on the road again. There are two kinds of spare tires for cars. There are compact spare tires and full-sized spare tires.

Compact spare tires are sometimes called "donuts". This is because they are much smaller than a regular tire. These tires are only designed to be used for a very short period of time. They should not be used for highway driving. A full-sized spare is the same as a regular tire, and it can be used for all types of driving.

If you need tire repair or replacement, contact the service department at Rick Roush Honda located in Medina. The technicians will help you choose the best tire to get you safely on the road again.



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