Benefits of Using a Clay Bar for Detailing

At Rick Roush Honda we care about helping our customers be informed vehicle owners. We want to keep our customers happy and part of that involves being honest about auto information with them, so they can make the best decisions based on their needs. One way to detail your car is with a clay bar, which can be done by a professional or at home. Two benefits of using clay bars for detailing are contaminants elimination and better wax and sealant adherence.

Regular car washing doesn't remove all contaminants. Examples of airborne contaminants your vehicle's exterior is exposed to include rail dust, industrial fallout, brake dust, tar, and bug residue. Some contaminants cause rust and other damage to your vehicle's exterior when they are left on too long. Clay detailing is a good way to get rid of all contaminants. Another benefit of clay detailing is it improves sealant and wax adherence, letting your car's wax job last longer.

Clay detailing is a helpful process for thoroughly cleaning your car and keeping it in good condition longer. You can service your vehicle at Rick Roush Honda in Medina if you prefer a professional to handle the detailing or if you have any other car concerns.



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