Servicing Your Timing Belt Can Increase Its Lifetime

Once you turn on your car it begins to idle which means it is running without you pushing down on the gas pedal at all. Occasionally your vehicle can stall out while idling which can sometimes indicate a faulty timing belt. That is why we here at Rick Roush Honda in Medina want to give you the basics.

A timing belt is utilized in order to properly open and close all of the many valves that are found in your vehicle's engine. If your timing belt is stretched or broken then this process won't occur properly and your vehicle will probably stall out while idling. Experts estimate that a timing belt can last upwards of 100,000 miles if properly cared for but this number can be far lower depending on how hard the car is pushed.

If you are looking for an experienced service team to do any sort of work on your vehicle feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop on by Rick Roush Honda located in Medina at your earliest convenience.

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