So Many Reasons to Buy an SUV

When you’re ready to buy your new SUV, we at Rick Roush Honda want you to be able to make an informed decision based on all the facts. We’re here to answer questions you may have and to show you the many models and makes available and what they have to offer.

Gone are the days where SUVs were considered as gas guzzlers; many get 30 mpg or more. If you have a family, the SUV is ideal because it gives you plenty of cargo and passenger space. SUVs also making traveling with a pet very easy and convenient. With the SUVs many towing capabilities, you can easily bring along all your favorite toys, whether you’re going on vacation or off-roading.

We invite you to come to Medina and take an SUV out for a test drive. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to let you know you’re making the right decision!



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