The Advantages of a Hatchback

One of the many reasons why some people prefer hatchbacks involves convenience. The rear seats typically fold down to provide more interior cargo space. Some models offer 43 cubic feet or more of cargo room. The rear tailgate quickly opens to provide access to whatever you haul.

Hatchbacks are also generally more stylish than sedans without having the look of a station wagon. The overall body style is not box-like. The curves and lines of the vehicle might convey elegance or a more sporty design. As the vehicles are typically smaller, they offer heightened maneuverability. Parking is also somewhat simpler. Some models offer three-door options while other manufacturers offer five-door choices.

Another advantage to owning a hatchback involves the resale value, which is typically higher than many other vehicle types. Explore the features of our hatchbacks at Rick Roush Honda. You will be pleased with the features they provide. Indulge in a road test.



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