Excellent Car Service At Rick Roush Honda

Owning a car is an exciting experience right? Do you know servicing your car gives you even a greater experience? Choosing where to service your vehicle should never be an issue. We at Rick Roush Honda are the best to handle your vehicle. Below are the reasons as to why you should choose us:
•We have highly factory trained technicians, who have full access to all the right parts to ensure your vehicle gets moving and gives you a comfortable ride.
•In our repairs, we only utilize OEM parts.
•Our OEM recalls are the latest and can perform warranty work.
•Our waiting bay offers great comfort and serenity as you watch over your vehicle being serviced.
•Transparency is our virtue and customer satisfaction is our joy.

In a nutshell, Rick Roush Honda has got all you need to have your vehicle fully serviced. Feel free to contact our staff and book an appointment with us.
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