How to Transport Hot Food During the Holiday Season

Whenever you visit the homes or events planned by family and friends during the holiday season, you may want to carry hot or lukewarm home-baked food so that everyone can enjoy it. To help you and your family transport hot food during the holidays, here are several techniques to safely and cleanly transport your festive favorites in the car:

  • Use Travel Casserole Dishes - Invest in travel casserole dishes that have a secure rubber lid and a microwaveable gel pouch. These features help keep the goodies hot on the road and in an insulated carrying case.
  • Secure the Dish – Place your cooked items in the car's trunk to prevent projectiles in the passenger compartment.
  • Pick a Durable Slow Cooker - The slow cookers with locking lids are an option for transporting food in the car while hot. The cookers will keep any leaks or spills from getting in your car’s fabrics.
  • Tinfoil and Seals - When transporting pies, the foil is your friend. To carry the food in a container while hot and small, use a tinfoil covering that will keep it warm all the way.

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