Preparing Your Pre-Road Trip Checklist Correctly

One of the biggest regrets drivers often have is that they didn't plan accordingly for a breakdown that wound up ruining their road trip. These road trip safety tips will help you get to your destination on schedule.

1.) Take a few minutes to see if the spare tire is in working order. Don't wait until you have a flat tire in the middle of the night to discover you don't have a spare that works. Be sure to check for the lug wrench, jack, and tire iron too.

2.) Bring an empty gas can with you because many gas stations are closed at night and the pumps work by computer so no one could sell you a can if you need one.

4.) Take along a set of jumper cables so any driver that stops to help could give you a jump.

5.) Visit Rick Roush Honda and our team will make certain there are no issues with your vehicle before you leave.

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