Dashboard Warning Lights - Know What Your Car is Trying to Tell You

You are driving in your car when you notice see one of the dashboard warning lights has turned on. Do you know what the light means? The dashboard warning lights are your car’s way of telling you there is a problem. It could indicate a simple malfunction or a more serious issue.

To help you take action, here the most important dashboard warning lights and what they mean. If any of these warning lights activate, bring your car in as soon as possible so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Ignoring these lights may cause engine failure or serious damage to your vehicle.

Brake System Warning Light: may indicate faulty brakes, low brake fluid or worn out brake pads. Driving with faulty brakes is extremely dangerous.
Oil Warning Light: car is either losing or burning oil, or could have a worn or broken oil pump.
Check Engine Warning Light: spark plugs or catalytic converter may need to be replaced. Could also indicate a loose or broken gas cap. The best course of action is for us to run a diagnostic test to determine the issue.

For definitions of other dashboard warning lights, consult your owner’s manual or stop in to see us. Having your car serviced regularly can help avoid any serious malfunctions. Make an appointment for your recommended routine maintenance as soon as possible. At Rick Roush Honda, we care about your safety and want to keep your car driving as smoothly as possible.

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