Get the Most This Winter from Kitty Litter, Salt & Sand

Making sure that throughout this winter you keep three things readily available can help save you from icy conditions on your driveway as well as potentially getting your vehicle out of an icy or snow-stuck situation. Sand, salt and kitty litter are three great things to have in your vehicle, in the truck typically, throughout the winter.

You can keep your driveway from being an ice rink by using a healthy application of salt and sand over the surface. If you have a soil based yard, keeping the salt to the middle section of the driveway is ideal to prevent the salt from damaging any foliage that comes in the warmer months.

Kitty litter is wonderful to keep on hand but does not do well when spread out like sand. The litter will get sticky as it gets wet and will no longer provide adequate traction. It is ideally used to get your vehicle unstuck from a snow or ice situation and save yourself the expense of a tow service.

When you want to make sure your vehicle can handle the winter conditions, bring it to Rick Roush Honda today for winter maintenance. Drive safely.

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